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Talk Television

Talk TV
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
This is a community for TV addicts or just the casual TV watcher.
Say what you want just be sure to follow the rules, otherwise your entry will immediatly be deleted. Three strikes and your out.

1. TV topics only, of course you can talk about other subjects just have some base in television.
2. Play nicely!
3. When talking about a specific show (Veronica Mars, Law and Order S.V.U, etc.) please put it under an LJ cut and include the title along with whether it's speculation, theories, or spoilers please.
4. You can 'pimp' other communities but be sure to return the favor.
5. Icons can be posted, just put some of them under an LJ cut, as to not make incredibly long entries.

Please post and don't be a stalker!

Be warned lock downs may occur during popular TV shows, or I may just screen entries.